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Skills Reform Consultations

To support the future growth and prosperity of our nation, the Australian, State and Territory governments are committed to improving the vocational education and training (VET) system through Skills Reform.

We’re building better qualifications, supporting registered training organisations (RTOs) to deliver high-quality training, and improving industry and employer engagement in Australia’s VET sector.

Have your say to help shape the future of Australia’s VET system.

Be part of Skills Reform and have your say to:

  • strengthen the role of industry and employers in the VET system
  • improve VET qualifications
  • support high-quality training delivery
  • improve VET for secondary students
  • improve foundation skills

We want to hear from anyone with an interest in the VET system. This includes those who have undertaken VET training, employers and business owners, RTOs, trainers and assessors and organisations who support the VET sector and its industries.

Consultations will happen at various times throughout the year and there will be different ways to get involved– these include attending an online consultation event, completing a survey or sending in a submission. Sign up to our mailing list to keep updated with the latest information on how you can have your say.

We will also be reporting back to the sector what we have heard so far from stakeholders. This will be an opportunity for us to share some key findings and outcomes from consultations. To read more, visit the What we’ve heard page.

Changes to the VET system are required so that Australians can access high quality and relevant training, ensuring they have the skills to take on the jobs that emerge through the next decade and beyond.

Advisory Group for VET Reforms

As set out in the Heads of Agreement for Skills Reform, the Australian, State and Territory governments have agreed to prioritise the development of reforms to improve the VET system.

An improved VET system will equip Australians with the skills they need to upskill and reskill in current and emerging jobs to meet workforce priorities for businesses and employers.

The Advisory Group for VET Reforms was established in March 2022 in the context of the Skills Reform agenda to provide advice to Australian, State and Territory government senior officials on matters relating to the industry engagement, qualifications reform and quality reform projects.

The Advisory Group, which will meet throughout 2022, includes representatives from industry, employers, training providers, unions and an independent VET expert.

For more information about the Advisory Group, you can download the Terms of Reference, which includes its membership below:

What we've heard

Read stakeholder feedback from recent Skills Reform consultation

What we've heard

We want to hear from

Get involved

We want to hear from you about reforms to the VET system. During the consultation periods, there will be a range of ways you can provide input to help shape the reforms.

We have recently completed a consultation period. To read what stakeholders had to say about Skills Reform so far, view the what we’ve heard page.


Australia’s VET system drives the skilled workforce which supports our economy. You can visit the Skills Reform page on the Department of Education, Skills and Employment website for more information. The Australian and all State and Territory governments have signed the Heads of Agreement for Skills Reform which sets out national reforms for the VET sector. The priorities in the agreement are aimed at ensuring the VET system is delivering for students and employers and equipping Australians with the skills they need for emerging jobs.

This consultation process is a recognition of the need for a truly national approach to Skills Reform. This will continue the work undertaken through reviews and consultations over the past two years, to further refine the best approach for Australia’s VET system.

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News and opportunities to get involved in Skills Reform

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