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Foundation Skills

Read about the draft National Foundation Skills Framework to improve the core skills of Australian adults.


Foundation skills are the competencies that underpin workforce participation, productivity, and social inclusion. They include English language, literacy, numeracy and digital (LLND) and employability skills. These skills play a critical role in helping Australian adults to participate confidently in the community, the workplace, and in education and training.

In August 2020, all Australian governments agreed through the Heads of Agreement for Skills Reform to improving the VET sector. One of the priorities is stronger support for foundation skills and ensuring access for all Australians with low levels of LLND.

Jurisdictions have worked together to develop the draft National Foundation Skills Framework (the Framework). It outlines collective action by governments working with stakeholders to improve the foundation skills of Australian adults . The Framework replaces the 2012 National Foundation Skills Strategy for Adults and operates from 2022 to 2032.

About the National Foundation Skills Framework

The Framework sets out a 10-year model for collective action by governments working with stakeholders to improve the foundation skills of Australian adults. It provides a transparent approach to achieve the vision that:

Australians can access quality education and training to continuously develop the foundation skills they need to actively and confidently participate in the economy and the community.

The Framework aligns jurisdiction and sector level priorities with national goals. It provides flexibility to address local needs.

It is focused on outcomes, drawing on similar frameworks being successfully used by several jurisdictions. It sets outcomes and indicators to direct the efforts of all governments and stakeholders.

The Framework will inform the development of jurisdictional action plans to achieve nationally agreed outcomes. Each jurisdiction action plan will reflect their different priorities.

The Framework will be reviewed every three years to report progress against the outcomes. This ensures the Framework is meeting its objectives and responding to changing priorities at a national and jurisdictional level.

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