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Quality Reforms

Have your say to support the delivery of high-quality training in the VET sector.
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    The consultation draft of the VET Workforce Quality Strategy which includes five key themes has been developed from stakeholder feedback received earlier this year.

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    The stakeholder feedback summarises findings from initial consultation on VET workforce quality between December 2020 and May 2021.

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    Share your stories about innovation and/or effective collaboration in the VET sector.

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    The first phase of consultation took place between December 2020 and March 2021 through surveys, online workshops and webinars, and meetings. Consultation was informed by two issues papers - RTO Quality and Supporting the VET Workforce.

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    The second phase of consultation on RTO quality was undertaken in August/September 2021. It was targeted at RTOs and focussed on exploring and identifying possible solutions from an RTO perspective to key issues identified in the first phase, which took place between December 2020 and March 2021.

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    Phase two consultations, held in September 2021, sought feedback on the measures in the draft Strategy. Stakeholders generally had a positive response to the measures in the draft Strategy and were of the view that the tools and resources identified would assist in supporting trainer and assessor quality and capability.


A strong and well-supported training system will enable RTOs to strive for excellence and enhance the quality of training. This will benefit both learners and employers.

Skills Ministers have committed to raising the quality of training delivered within the VET sector through:

These reforms aim to improve the quality of training across Australia. The reforms will lead to a shared understanding across the sector of what high quality training provision looks like. They will help to ensure the quality of training delivery goes beyond compliance with the Standards and achieves excellence in training provision.

A key focus of Quality Reforms will be to strengthen the Standards, to ensure they are focussed on outcomes. Strengthening the Standards will make sure the minimum level of quality that an RTO must meet to operate within the national training system is sufficient and delivers positive outcomes for learners.

The development of a VET Workforce Quality Strategy (the Strategy) recognises the important contribution trainers and assessors make to a high-quality VET sector.

Trainers and assessors are at the front line of training delivery. They have a vital role in passing on industry relevant knowledge to learners to meet Australia's employment and productivity needs. The Strategy will aim to support RTOs and trainers and assessors to promote high quality, consistent training and assessment and support the diverse workplace roles within the sector.

Draft VET Workforce Quality Strategy

The consultation draft of the VET Workforce Quality Strategy has been developed from stakeholder feedback that we received earlier this year during consultations.

The themes covered in the draft Strategy include:

  • Capability frameworks and professional standards
  • Qualifications and entry pathways
  • Ongoing professional support and industry currency
  • Fostering best practice and continuous improvement
  • Workforce planning and data.


These reforms build on findings from recent reviews within the vocational education and training (VET) sector, which highlighted opportunities to enhance quality in the VET sector. They include:

Read the Quality Reform issues papers for more information about what is being considered in the Quality reforms:

Another way to have your say is to complete the Good Practice Story Submission Form to share your stories about innovation and/or effective collaboration in the VET sector.

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